Monday, May 12, 2008

Defeating whitey

"I don't look like any president before...If I'm elected, that's not just a victory for me. That's a victory for people whose names aren't Smith or Jones, named Obama or, you know, Fernandez, people who historically have been on the outside, and I think it will signal that America is ready to think differently about itself." – Barack Obama, August 2007, explaining how “race doesn’t matter” to a Latino talk radio host.


  1. on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" a couple days ago:

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: A guy named Barack Hussein Obama is probably going to be one of the nominees of one of the major two parties, is probably going to have a fifty fifty chance of being the next president, when we've had a history of electing white guys named [contemptuously] Clinton, Nixon, Carter, the most boring Anglo-Saxon people in the world—

    MIKA BRZNSKSNZSZKSIZSKSI: [at "boring"] Hey!

    MATTHEWS: [chastising her for trying to deny it] Yes. And now we're going to pick a guy with a unique background because something in the air says change, something says let's try something besides the same old malarkey… look at the polls and just try to sell the status-quo this year.

    So that's what "change" means. And we all thought it was meaningless slogan...

    (Nice of Mika Brzynzyznsksnzski to stand up for Anglo-Saxon names, obviously she herself not having a dog in that fight.)

  2. Thanks for the comment, I found that interesting.

    To liberals whites are always "boring", while browns are "funky" and "vibrant".

    And yet liberals try to avoid funky-vibrancy as much as they can (as Sinbad would say, "Strange, ain't it?").

    To be fair, part of the reason liberals think this has nothing to do with minorities - for the most part liberals are incredibly boring, so liberals mistakenly think all white people are boring.

  3. I don't have anything more to add but I wanted to register support for Sinbad as a recurring theme on this blog.