Monday, June 16, 2008

June Campaign Roundup

"Gore Endorses Obama as a Solver of Problems", doesn’t mention single problem Obama ever solved.

“I won't wait until the sixth year of my presidency to sit down with the automakers. I'll meet with them during my campaign, and I'll meet with them as president to talk about how we're going to build the cars of the future right here in Michigan.” - Barack Obama, explaining how years spent as a Community Activist on the streets of the inner city gave him vast expertise in automotive engineering.

The Communist Chinese report Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain are having a bakeoff. Why do aspiring First Ladies compete in contests to demonstrate they are qualified, but all aspiring Presidents do is talk?

Communists closer to home complain neither candidate shares the Communist/Libertarian position on open borders.

Who said it?

I assure you, with confidence, at the end of my first term you will see a dramatic increase of women in every part of the government, in my administration.”


  1. Breaking News: Former Democratic presidential nominee endorses current Democratic presidential nominee!

    Who'd have guessed it?! Thank you New York Times!

  2. The repeated references to communists in this post...its almost as if you're subliminally hinting that Obama - Transcendant Multi-cultural Man - is some kind of crypto-marxist pinko!

    I mean, just because he grew up in a household with communists, had a mentor as a young man who was a communist, his closest friends in Chicago are communists, and his local campaign HQs in some parts of the country are sporting Che Guevarra posters, I'm sure is a harmless coincidence.

  3. Notice how Gore waited until Obama was the nominee before endorsing anyone? What a lump.

    Non: His Marxist associations boggle the mind, don't they? Expect McCain not to bring them up, as that would be "divisive".

    I'm not sure if Obama is a crypto-Marxist (obviously, there's no way of knowing at this point). I lean toward thinking his true nature is like that of white Harvard (and other Ivy) law grads I've known, only more dramatic. They are left leaning by inclination, but will reflect back whatever beliefs around them are necessary for personal advancement.

    The Republican establishment is full of many similar type people. It's why they are so easily manipulated by true believers like the neocons.