Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pole shifts

Responding to criticism from Craptocracy and others, Mike Huckabee says he no longer wants a nationwide smoking ban. Huckabee has also reversed himself on immigration. The fuzzyfundy who once advocated amnesty for illegal aliens because that’s what Jesus would’ve wanted*, now claims to be an immigration restrictionist.

A Presidential candidate modify his stated aims during a campaign is no surprise. It’s something all politicians must do, in order to get elected. But Huckabee’s veering to such extremes suggests he puts no thought into what he says or what he stands for.

*It's true a lot of guys named Jesus do want amnesty for illegals, but Huckabee wasn't referring to them.


  1. I used to work at a company with an in-house cafeteria where one of the servers was named "Jesus." Or at least, that's what his nametag said. Every day I had to make a strong personal effort to stop myself from saying "thank you, Jesus," as he handed me the potatoes.

    There's something seriously unstable about Huckabee. Something deep and wild, that appears only in flashes. A little Delysid would be just the thing to draw it out. What would we see? Half Oprah, half Lawrence Welk, half Siener van Rensburg? Dear Gov. Huckabee, if you are reading this, YouTube is waiting.

  2. I agree, there's a goofiness that lurks within Huckabee, and he can't seem to resist the 'big' pronouncement.