Sunday, October 19, 2008


October 19th: Colin Powell endorses Barry Hussein Obama, claims race has nothing to do with it.

October 16th:
Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell performed this week with the Nigerian hip-hop group Olu Maintain at London's Royal Albert Hall.

The Times of London said Powell, 71, surprised the crowd at the Africa Rising music and fashion festival by singing and doing a version of the Nigerian dance Yahoozee Tuesday night.

"I stand before you tonight as an African-American," The Times quoted Powell as telling the audience. "Many people say to me, 'You became secretary of state of the USA., is it really necessary to say you are an African-American, or that you are black?' And I say, 'Yes,' so that we can remind our children. It took a lot of people struggling to bring me to this point in history. I didn't just drop out of the sky. People came from my continent in chains. There's no reason a new Africa can't be created right here and now."
UPDATE: Why is it called the Yahoozee dance? Nigerian Mbaskei Martin explains [emphasis added]:
A cross examination of the global perspective on 'yahooism'(cyber crimes and fraud)and yahooist (perpetrator), is tantamount to consideration and examination of same.

“Yahooism” is an act of cyber crime that defrauds unsuspecting victims in foreign countries of their hard – earned money. In some instances, the unsuspecting victim is used to defraud banks, postal agencies, shops, etc. The yahooist (perpetrator) sends fake cheques or postal money orders to victims in either of the following countries: Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom and other European Countries, Asia as the case maybe. When the cheques or money order are cashed, the victim is told to send the money through western union money transfer in Nigeria...

In Nigeria today, cyber crimes has found its roots in the society. Like a cankerworm it has eaten deeply in the society and finally been accepted by thesame society. It is difficult to deny youth support of the menace with yahoozee shirts, yahoozee dance steps, yahoozee songs from the likes of Olu Maintain and even some young people identify themselves as yahoo boys and girls.
Colin Powell dancing and rapping like an ass in celebration of Nigerian email scams.


  1. On the bright side, however, every president of the new Africa might adopt the good taste of the old: the Mercedes-Benz 600. You might even feel compelled to wave cheerfully as it races by, closely followed by a truck-load of Kalashnikov-wielding lunatics.

  2. 600's are great, but if a new Africa is going to be created, shouldn't Newfrica be set up with exclusively eco-friendly forms of transportation? The Kalashnikov-wielding lunatics should be required to use trucks running on biodiesel, for example.

  3. Ah, good point. How about donkeys? Two lunatics per beast. The president gets to ride his own. I am aware that, before the light of your reason was extinguished by the recollection of a violent hatred towards these creatures, it had illuminated several advantages of their use, not least their eco-friendliness. If the hell of Newfrica is to be sustainable, then, I think you'll agree, this option will have to be entertained.

  4. 21st century donkey use is, if not the only, one of the few areas where Africa leads the way.

  5. I never liked Powell.