Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who even knew he was running? Part III

Republican Mike Huckabee believes God wants us to fight global warming. If God really wanted us to fight global warming why would he tell me to set fire to all those tires? Though the Huckabee camp refuses to comment, saying it’s “too early”, my sources assure me if nominated the former fatty will select Jared Fogle as his running mate.

The activities of the rest of the candidates have been overshadowed by the fallout that erupted like a rising meteor after John McCain threatened to bitch-slap Hillary Clinton. Some are calling for McCain to apologize, but veteran political columnist and Washington insider Ani Arakelian is having none of it:
“Hillary wants to pay tag with the boys, but when they pick on her, she comes crying to us complaining that they picked on her because she is a girl. If Senator Clinton is going to be playing in the game of politics, she is going to have to learn how to defend herself. She is not going to stand a chance if she keeps making excuses.”
Well said.

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