Sunday, March 23, 2008

At least none of them cried

Remember the Ron Paul newsletter pseudo-controversy, where a few mildly outrageous (but for the most part, true) statements in some of Paul’s old newsletters induced mass pants shitting among libertarians? What a revolting spectacle. You had Radley Balko shitting his pants, Virginia Postrel shitting her panties, Will Wilkinson shitting his panties, and Julio Sanchez shitting in Dave Weigel’s pants.

And yet all of the above love, love, love (love, love) socialist Barry Obama’s disengenous, dishonest speech justifying a 20 year relationship with a crazy, anti-white preacher.

Having a double standard for blacks and largely adhering to liberal racial orthodoxy is what libertarians like to describe as “free thinking”.


  1. Here, here. Precisely why I cannot get on the establishment libertarian bandwagon. Even Lew Rockwell's site publishes a gushing column about the speech. Sickening.

  2. Great blog you have here, and a very accurate analysis of the current crop of pseudo-liberaltarians.

    But may I ask why you borrow wholesale a line made up by Mark Latham, erstwhile Australian Labor party hack, without attribution? What are you, another Barry Obama?

  3. The "conga line" line was suggested by my Australian friend The Mild Colonial Boy, who everyone wishes would blog more often. It was indeed stolen from some Aussie politician named Mark Latham, about whom I know absolutely nothing.

  4. Here's the link to Latham's book.