Monday, March 24, 2008

He doesn't deliver payoff lines; he slam-dunks them!

Today America witnessed the saddest event in the Presidential campaign thus far after Hillary Clinton’s exaggerated claims about dodging sniper fire during a 1996 trip to Bosnia were immediately refuted by unfunny stand-up comedian Sinbad. That's right, Sinbad.


  1. I used to run into Sinbad during back-to-school nights at my kid's school. He always wore a white satin gym suit that matched the color of his Escalade. And you should have seen what Sinbad wore.

  2. Ha! See what he did there? That payoff line got reverse jammed.

    I don't know any actual Sinbad jokes, but when someone else tells a joke instead of laughing I like to deadpan and then say in a monotone "You as funny as Sinbad".

  3. Here's a Sinbad joke, circa Coppola's Dracula:

    "If you're my girl, and Dracula's chasing us, you dead. Cause I'll trip you. [mimes tripping his girl, then points at her fallen form to indicate her position to Dracula] Hey Drac, Drac!"

    Pretty funny, eh? So I'd reconsider your opinion of Sinbad's humor.

  4. That's so true though. That is exactly the sort of thing Sinbad would do.

    I remembered I do know a Sinbad joke, one featured in TV and radio ads for a Sinbad performance at a local Indian casino:

    "Grandmamas ain't got no jobs, but they always got money. Why is that?"

    Why indeed, and that's also so true.