Thursday, March 20, 2008

His speechify make white liberal lady cry

Inspired by Barry Hussein Obama’s vaporings, a “cynic” reminds us again that democracy is mistake:
It’s been twenty minutes and I still can’t quite breath and am still choking up. I have read the speeches of Nelson Mandella, Steve Biko, Julius Nyerere, and Patrice Lumumba– all powerful orators– but not one has ever brought me to tears.

Obama earned my vote today– me, the eternal cynic. He may not be the most experienced candidate but the man is engaged in a way that we need our next president to be engaged. So much the better if he helps a white woman like me able to have a conversation about race that will actually be productive, rather than stifled because of my own latent prejudices that I have spent my adult life trying to unlearn and fear of being misinterpreted.


  1. In a decent and sane world we would have long ago abandoned the farce of democracy and forcibly sterilized, if not euthanized, the bloggers and commenters at Pandagon.

    Unfortunately this world is neither decent nor sane.

  2. Sadly true, Weston.

    On the bright side, your comment shows this blog appeals to moderates as well as extremists.

  3. I'm gald I'm not the only one who's discovered the pleasures of reading the ravings of Amanda Marcotte and her pals at Pandagon. Those are some serious f***-up liberals. They're always crying about some imaginary injustice.

    At the time of Marcotte's firing from the Edwards' campaign, it was reported that she was among Mrs. Edwards' *favorite bloggers.* That's a scary thought.

  4. Despite how funny they are I try to avoid them, assetmgmt, because so much of what they say pre-empts satire.

  5. Carter is definitely right about much of Marcotte's work pre-empting satire, though Vox Day used to regularly make sport of the Pandagonians.

    The Marcotte-Edwards fiasco was high comedy.

  6. How the fuck do you find this stuff?! Crapman, You're a GOD!!


    P.S. I'm still votin' for Barry. N'till your guy brings the US into the civilized world of universal healthcare, education and living wages for all, it's gonna be just Negroes and Socialists for me, m'boy. There comes a point where we've gotta either elect Jeremiah Wright or start disinfecting the ole guillotine. And so far as I'm concerned, that time is just about now.

  7. My guy? My guy is Johannes Adam Ferdinand Alois Josef Maria Marko d'Aviano Pius von und zu Liechtenstein. Unfortunately he isn't interested in running this country, even if it were possible.