Sunday, August 3, 2008

Memories from the campaign trail

Fuzzyfundy, rocking YOU like a hurricane!
Hillary Clinton being hit on by my tiny valet Señor Moreno.
John McCain gets a special pizza commemorating his 80th birthday.
Human-pig hybrid known as the Ghanaian abomination.


  1. I think you should adopt Señor Waxman (aka the Ghanain Abomination) as your new valet. When Mexicans grow up, though still midgets, they tend not to be so cute and adorable anymore. But you just know Señor Waxman will always be.

  2. The same is true, I'm told, of Bolivian midgets. Argentinians, on the other hand, look adorable when swinging Chinese Meteors while riding on horseback.

  3. I don't want that hideous creature anywhere near me. Same with the Ghanaian Abomination.

    And that isn't Chinese Meteors, that is a bolos.

    Someone shoud start a blog called "That is a Bolos".