Sunday, August 17, 2008

Overall strategy for losing

“As this race unfolds, the winning coalition for us is clearer and clearer. There are three demographic variables that explain almost all of the voters in the primary—gender, party, and income. Race is a factor as well, but we are fighting hard to neutralize it.”
 – from a March 2007 internal memo titled “Overall Strategy for Winning”, written by Mark Penn, Chief Strategist of the Hillary Clinton Campaign [emphasis added].

“Much of [Clinton's] bungled strategy was the consequence of stereotypes. She and her brain trust assumed she would win at least some of the black vote; thinking blacks might put race first is not a thought liberals allow themselves to have. They also assumed white voters in caucus states like Idaho and North Dakota were bigots who would never vote for a black man, so she didn’t compete enough in those places.”
 – from a May 2008 blog posting titled “Sterotypes”, written by C. Van Carter.

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